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UpcomingBasel   19.08.2014 17:30h (iCal)

Hack-Session zu Lambdas & Streams in Java 8

Eine zwanglose Hack-Session zum Kennenlernen der neuen Sprachmittel

SPEAKER 1: Angelika Langer   COMPANY: Angelika Langer Training/Consulting
SPEAKER 2: Klaus Kreft   COMPANY:

KEYWORDS: Technology, Hands-On

Java-Entwickler, die Lust haben, sich frühzeitig mit den Erweiterungen der Sprache (Lambdas) und des Collection-Frameworks (Streams) in Java 8 vertraut zu machen, können an dieser Hack-Session teilnehmen. Die Idee ist, dass alle Teilnehmer ihre Notebooks inklusive JDK 8 Prerelease (Lambda-Compiler) mitbringen und nach einer kurzen Einführung "ins kalte Wasser springen": es soll versucht werden, mit den neuen Mitteln kleinere Programmieraufgaben zu lösen und dabei erste Erfahrungen mit Lambdas bei der Benutzung von Streams zu gewinnen. Mehr Infos auf der Website von Angelika Langer.


UpcomingBern   19.08.2014 18:00h (iCal)

The Great Application Server Debate

And the winnner is...

SPEAKER: Simon Maple   COMPANY: ZeroTurnaround

KEYWORDS: Technology

There are many application servers on the market today, but which are right for you as a developer? This session looks at the popular application servers – including Tomcat, TomEE, GlassFish, Jetty, WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic Server, Liberty Profile, and JBoss – and analyses them from the point of view of a developer. It focuses on performance, config management, open source compliance, feature richness, tooling, and developer productivity, among others. Come to this session to learn about the main differences between the application servers on the market today and understand which might be best for your needs.


UpcomingZürich   20.08.2014 18:00h (iCal)

Do you really get Classloaders?

SPEAKER: Simon Maple   COMPANY: ZeroTurnaround

KEYWORDS: Technology

Class loaders are at the core of the Java language. Java EE containers, OSGi, NetBeans modules, Tapestry 5, Grails and many others use class loaders heavily. Yet when something goes wrong, would you know how to solve it?


UpcomingLuzern   21.08.2014 17:15h (iCal)

The Adventurous Developers Guide to JVM languages

A hands-on session covering our experience

SPEAKER: Simon Maple   COMPANY: ZeroTurnaround

KEYWORDS: Concept, Tools, Technology, Hands-On

Today there are over 50 actively worked JVM languages in existence today. Some have been ported to the JVM while others have been written specifically for the JVM. This hands on session with take an introductory (but non hello, world) look at a number of JVM languages including, Java 8, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, Ceylon, Xtend and Clojure as well as the tooling support, discussing how and why they came about along with the evolution of the languages and distinguish the innovative languages versus those which consolidate existing features from other languages. We'll cover our initial experiences including what rocked and sucked learning each one with example code snippets of a sample HTTP Server from each language.



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