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UpcomingBasel   07.10.2014 19:00h (iCal)

JUG ArchiB@le Stammtisch

Microservices - eine Mode oder logische Konsequenz?

SPEAKER: Oliver Nautsch   COMPANY: Inventage AG

KEYWORDS: Meeting, Networking, Services

Dieser Anlass soll mit Folien und einer Diskussion in das Thema "Microservices" einführen. Dabei sollen die Bausteine von Microservices erläutert werden und es sollen die technischen und organisatorischen Rahmenbedingungen aufgezeigt werden. Wenn das Interesse da ist, dann schauen wir uns auch gern ein paar Werkzeuge Hands-on an, die bei der Implementierung helfen können.


UpcomingBasel   23.10.2014 18:00h (iCal)

Apache Jackrabbit Oak

A scalable storage system for structured and unstructured data

SPEAKER 1: Marcel Reutegger   COMPANY: Adobe
SPEAKER 2: Thomas Müller   COMPANY: Adobe

KEYWORDS: Tools, Product, Technology, Open Source

Apache Jackrabbit Oak is scalable storage system for structured and unstructured data and provides full-text search, versioning, transactions, observation, and more.


UpcomingLuzern   29.10.2014 17:15h (iCal)

The Azure cloud platform

How to bring your applications to the cloud

SPEAKER: Ken Casada   COMPANY: Microsoft Switzerland

KEYWORDS: Product, Services, Technology

No matter if you are an IT Pro or a developer, no matter if you are using Microsoft Technologies or not. This technical demo-oriented session will give you the opportunity to understand how to make use of the Azure platform in order to bring your applications (including Java based) to the cloud.



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JUG Switzerland aims at promoting the application of Java technology in Switzerland.

JUG Switzerland facilitates the sharing of experience and information among its members. This is accomplished through workshops, seminars and conferences. JUG Switzerland supports and encourages the cooperation between commercial organizations and research institutions.

JUG Switzerland is funded through membership fees and industry sponsors.




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