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UpcomingBasel   21.05.2015 18:00h (iCal)

Cool Java - The beer event!

Neben dem Talk zum Thema "Cool Java!" werden wir eine Besichtigung der Feldschlösschen Brauerei durchführen.

SPEAKER 1: Florian Müller   COMPANY: Software Brauerei AG
SPEAKER 2: Domenic Benz    COMPANY: Software Brauerei AG

KEYWORDS: Tools, Product, Technology, Open Source

Java ist alt…? Stimmt! Java stirbt aus? Schon oft gehört…! Mit Java kann man keine modernen Anwendungen für die Generation Y bauen? Voll daneben!


UpcomingZürich   26.05.2015 18:00h (iCal)

Building Robust Android Apps

A Comprehensive Solution

SPEAKER: Jeff Lawson   COMPANY: Cogent Logic

KEYWORDS: Hands-On, Lessons learned, Methods

Developers who are new to Android tend to focus on activities, the components that implement the user interface.

It is natural to store application state as instance variables within activities but we soon discover that activities are transient and their state is soon lost.
Some people solve this problem by using class variables or by having each activity access a database. Neither of these solutions works well!


UpcomingLuzern    27.05.2015 17:15h (iCal)

Akka Streams

Asynchronous non-blocking streaming made easy

SPEAKER: Mirco Dotta   COMPANY: Typesafe Inc.

KEYWORDS: Concept, other Languages, Technology, Hands-On

Akka Streams is an implementation of Reactive Streams, which is a standard for asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking backpressure on the JVM.


UpcomingZürich   28.05.2015 18:00h (iCal)

Lessons learned from a Swiss SaaS for selling tickets

See behind the technology used to sell the Tickets for Euro 2016

SPEAKER: Vincent Larchet   COMPANY: Secutix

KEYWORDS: Lessons learned, Concept

Secutix is a comprehensive Swiss SaaS solution to manage events and sell tickets written in Java.
Some of its interesting characteristics include: 24x7 uptime, proven to support large peak loads, Omni-Channel User-Interface, 50+ interfaces with partners, more than 1000 VMs needed to run the system.


UpcomingZürich   30.06.2015 18:00h (iCal)

JavaScript for Real Developers

Eine Hands-On Einführung in die moderne JavaScript-Entwicklung für Java Entwickler

SPEAKER: Jonas Bandi   COMPANY: Ivory Code GmbH

KEYWORDS: Hands-On, Technology

JavaScript erobert die Welt.
Spätestens mit dem definitiven Siegeszug von HTML5 ist JavaScript ein Bestandteil jeder modernen Web-Applikationsentwicklung geworden.
Aber auch in der Mobile-, Desktop- und sogar Server-Programmierung hat JavaScript in den letzten Jahren Fuss gefasst.



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JUG Switzerland aims at promoting the application of Java technology in Switzerland.

JUG Switzerland facilitates the sharing of experience and information among its members. This is accomplished through workshops, seminars and conferences. JUG Switzerland supports and encourages the cooperation between commercial organizations and research institutions.

JUG Switzerland is funded through membership fees and industry sponsors.




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