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Richard Warburton

  • Leader London Java Community
  • Empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems
  • Active speaker and writer

Raoul-Gabriel Urma

  • Phd candidate in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge
  • worked for large companies
  • Active speaker and writer


Pragmatic Functional Refactoring with Java 8


AGENDA:18:00 - 19:15h: Talk incl. Q/A
Afterwards you are invited to a refreshment.

SPEAKER 1: Richard Warburton   COMPANY:
SPEAKER 2: Raoul-Gabriel Urma   COMPANY:

You may be hearing a lot of buzz around functional programming. For example, Java 8 recently introduced new features (lambda expressions and method references) and APIs (Streams, Optional and CompletableFutures) inspired from functional ideas such as first-class functions, composition and immutability.

However, what does this mean for my existing codebase?

In this talk we show how you can refactor your traditional object-oriented Java to using FP features and APIs from Java 8 in a beneficial manner.

We will discuss:

  • How to adapt to requirement changes using first-class functions
  • How you can enhance code reusability using currying
  • How you can make your code more robust by favouring immutability over mutability
  • How you can design better APIs and reduce unintended null pointer exceptions using an optional data type


The presented topic is new to the audience or only little and superficial experience exists. This talk will mainly cover basic aspects of the topic and not go into much detail.

The presented topic is known to the audience, serious practical experience is expected. This talk might cover some basic aspects of the topic, but will as well go into depth and details.

The presented topic is well-known to the audience, serious practical experience and a deep understanding are required. This talk will not cover basics of the topic, but will go into depth, might discuss details, compare different approaches, and so on.



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