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Marcel Reutegger is a Senior Software Engineer at Adobe Basel.

He works on Apache Jackrabbit Oak and the Adobe AEM product.
He was a member of the JSR-283 expert group for the Java Content Repository 2.0 specification and worked on the reference implementation.

Thomas Müller is a Senior Software Engineer at Adobe Basel.

He works on Apache Jackrabbit Oak and the Adobe AEM product.
He is the original author of HypersonicSQL (an open source relational database written in Java), and as a hobby is now working on its successor, the H2 database.


Apache Jackrabbit Oak

A scalable storage system for structured and unstructured data

KEYWORDS: Tools, Product, Technology, Open Source

AGENDA:18:00 - 19:15h: Talk incl. Q/A
Afterwards you are invited to a barbecue on the roof, offered by Adobe Basel.

SPEAKER 1: Marcel Reutegger   COMPANY: Adobe
SPEAKER 2: Thomas Müller   COMPANY: Adobe

Apache Jackrabbit Oak is scalable storage system for structured and unstructured data and provides full-text search, versioning, transactions, observation, and more.

Jackrabbit Oak is an implementation of the Java Content Repository (JCR) specification, and forms, together with the Apache Sling web framework, the foundation of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and other content management systems.

This talk gives a overview and comparison of the different storage types (relational, document storage, hierarchical, NoSQL,...) and where Apache Jackrabbit Oak fits into the picture.
You will learn about the modular architecture of Oak, including the MongoDB and tar file storage backends, the Apache Lucene and Solr indexes, and the content-addressable storage for binaries.

The presentation also contains a brief introduction to the JCR API, and a demo of Oak and tools.

LANGUAGE: Talk: en / Slides: en


The presented topic is new to the audience or only little and superficial experience exists. This talk will mainly cover basic aspects of the topic and not go into much detail.

The presented topic is known to the audience, serious practical experience is expected. This talk might cover some basic aspects of the topic, but will as well go into depth and details.

The presented topic is well-known to the audience, serious practical experience and a deep understanding are required. This talk will not cover basics of the topic, but will go into depth, might discuss details, compare different approaches, and so on.



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