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Bruno Schäffer is co-founder and CTO of Canoo. Since 1997 he has been a Java developer, consultant, and architect. His area of expertise covers Web application platforms and Rich Internet Application technologies. He shared his experience as a presenter at conferences such as JavaOne, JAX, JavaPolis, and SD West.

Björn Müller, *1969, Dipl.Ing. (BA). After having worked 10 years with SAP in the areas of Business Applications and their basic infrastructure, Björn founded Casabac Technologies Gmbh in 2001 – being one of the pioneers in using browser scripting technologies for providing interactive front ends for business applications. In 2005 Casabac Technologies was acquired by Software AG, Darmstadt. After having continued to lead the development for two years, Björn founded a new company CaptainCasa GmbH, still focusing on providing rich client frameworks for enterprise usage.

Ryan Stewart works for Adobe as a Rich Internet Application Evangelist. He is considered one of the very first RIA authorities and has been tracking the space through his popular blog on ZDNet and his personal blog, DigitalBackcountry. Prior to joining Adobe he spent 3 years as a developer working for various startups and Wharton Computing. He holds an economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Seattle with his wife. When not coding he can be found backpacking or hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.



for Business Applications

KEYWORDS: Technology, Tools, Product

16:30 - 16:45h Keynote: RIA for Business: What's next?
Bruno Schäffer, CTO Canoo AG
16:45 - 17:45h AJAX for Enterprise Applications – how to use, where to use
Björn Müller, CaptainCasa
17:45 - 18:00h Break
18:00 - 19:00h The RIA Landscape
Ryan Stewart, Adobe
19:00h - ? Drinks & Finger Food

Rich Internet Application (RIA) - AJAX or non-AJAX-based - are the next generation of web applications. RIA describes a type of client application that offers a richer user interface which is functionally similar to a regular desktop application, but is deployed within a web infrastructure. This event aims to inform on RIA technologies and their benefits for business applications.

RIA for Business: What's next?

SPEAKER: Bruno Schäffer   COMPANY: Canoo AG
SLIDES: 071114_BrunoSchaeffer.ppt

RIA is still in its infancy and providers are mainly focused on the core technology. Experience with large RIA applications shows that this is just the beginning. What are the challenges that lie ahead of us?

AJAX for Enterprise Applications – how to use, where to use

SPEAKER: Björn Müller   COMPANY: CaptainCasa
SLIDES: 071114_BjoernMueller.pdf

The AJAX basics are simple: some scripting in the front-end, some communication to the back-end processing. But: there are many ways to do so, and there are many frameworks out to try to support you. When using AJAX in an enterprise context there are certain architectural thoughts you need to walk through prior to starting heavy implementations or prior to selecting a framework. - And: after being a hype for the last three years people realize more clearly now where the limitations of AJAX are and in which areas AJAX is best positioned.

The RIA Landscape

SPEAKER: Ryan Stewart   COMPANY: Adobe
SLIDES: 071114_Ryan_Stewart.pdf

Rich Internet applications have become a big buzzword as companies look to create better user experiences and streamline their technology investments. With so many technologies and options out there, it’s become difficult to keep them straight. Ryan Stewart will talk about the various technologies in the RIA landscape, where to use them and how they fit into your business. He’ll give demos and help you get started with the tools and ideas you need for RIA development.



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