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Swiss JBoss User Group


The mission of the Swiss JBoss SIG is to provide a platform for sharing information and experience about the JBoss frameworks and products.
This is achieved through various channels such as presentations, workshops and seminars.

This SIG targets not only experienced and advanced users of JBoss but also beginners and therefore it covers also introductory topics for users getting started with the JBoss technologies.

JBoss technologies have probably influenced most Java developers in one way or the other. The JBoss application server was long the default J2EE implementation to start with, Hibernate has helped to make O/R mappings frameworks mainstream, and more recently Seam addresses rough corners of the JSF web framework. Besides this, there is a large set of other technologies in the context of JBoss. More information about these technologies is available under http://labs.jboss.com/projects/.

The Swiss JBoss SIG is a special interest group of the Java User Group Switzerland (JUGS)

This Group has been suspended.

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JUG Switzerland aims at promoting the application of Java technology in Switzerland.

JUG Switzerland facilitates the sharing of experience and information among its members. This is accomplished through workshops, seminars and conferences. JUG Switzerland supports and encourages the cooperation between commercial organizations and research institutions.

JUG Switzerland is funded through membership fees and industry sponsors.




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